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What and Why is Equitable Healthcare?

Equity is not only about providing equal access to healthcare services, it is also about ensuring that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Today's world healthcare becomes a means to an end, which is to achieve equity. The problem lies in the fact that healthcare is viewed from the perspective of the patient, not those who provide the care. The patient may be able to afford the healthcare but if there are no resources available for that patient, the patient cannot receive the care that he/she needs. In this scenario, it is likely that the patient will not receive equitable healthcare.  Access to healthcare has not been improved because of inadequate infrastructure or insufficient resources. Healthcare infrastructure includes buildings and equipment, testing and treatment laboratories, trained staff, consultants and financial resources. In many developing countries, there is a serious shortage of trained staff, mostly due to a lack of funding for education and training. There are various issues associated with training including irregularity, lack of motivation and high drop-out rates. Financial barriers include costs associated with training at different institutions, as well as prices charged by private providers. Access to equitable healthcare cannot be achieved without addressing these issues.

A recent study by FathomHealth found that the number of such healthcare enterprises has risen by almost 300% since 2016. The research found that the top three reasons for starting an equitable healthcare business are:

  1. Healthcare access
  2. Digital health/telehealth
  3. Revenue cycle management

At Vedavi Health, we understand what it takes to provide access to equitable healthcare. And we make that our vision. It's not an easy mission to solve, but we are doing our part. Take a look at what Vedavi Health has to offer.